100kg Thrust Turbojet Engine SXH-1200N (low cost)

The SXH-1200N 100kg thrust turbojet engine is a small turbojet engine with low cost, high thrust-to-weight ratio and high reliability independently developed by Feihang Power Technology Co., Ltd. The overall structure of single-stage centrifugal compressor + short annular downstream combustion chamber + single-stage axial flow turbine is adopted, and the form is simple. Adopt 0-2-0 support structure, one thrust ball bearing at the front and the rear share the radial load of the engine, and the rear bearing bears the axial load. The front and rear bearings use an elastic ring structure to adjust the rotor dynamics. The engine is fixed in the aircraft nacelle by the front casing mounting plate and the tail nozzle mounting edge. The engine rotor adopts an internal force transmission structure, and the force of the rotor is transmitted to the aircraft nacelle through the bearing seat, diffuser, mounting plate and front mounting section. As a whole, the engine has a simple and compact structure design, easy disassembly and assembly, efficient use of space and guaranteed strength requirements of parts, meeting the design requirements of low cost and high thrust-to-weight ratio.

100kg thrust turbojet engine SXH-1200N  is a self-developed product with a number of national patented technologies. Automatic fuel one key start, ignition system is stable and reliable. ECU speed control, with multiple protection, data transmission, software can be upgraded, parameters can be adjusted to cope with different working environments, precise speed control, rapid throttle response, high altitude ignition start and many other advantages.
100kg Thrust Turbojet Engine

Main features
High speed, thrust-weight ratio, high altitude ignition
General technical data
1. Engine model and category
Engine model: SXH-1200N  100kg thrust turbojet engine
Category: Small Turbojet
2. Rotation direction of the engine rotor
Engine rotor rotates clockwise (engine intake looking rearward)
3. Engine outline size
Maximum diameter: 203mm
Maximum length: 501mm
4. Engine weight
The dry weight of the engine is 9.0kg, and the installed weight of the engine (including accessories) is 10.85kg.
5. Engine moment of inertia (center of mass)
Ix=156923kg*mm2, Iy=156963 kg*mm2, Iz=51224 kg*mm2;
Ixy=59kg*mm2, Iyz=117 kg*mm2, Izx=1029 kg*mm2.
6. Engine thrust-weight ratio
The engine thrust-to-weight ratio is 10.
7. Engine air flow
Under the static condition of the engine's standard atmosphere and sea level, the converted inlet air flow is 1.8kg/s.
8. Engine deadline
The XH-1000N engine has a first overhaul life of 30 hours, a total technical life of 50 hours or 100 starts, a 10-hour overhaul interval, a storage period of 10 years, and a guarantee period of 1 year (from the date of opening the oil seal).
9. The stability margin of the engine in the maximum state: 15%.
10. Vibration value of the whole engine
The vibration value of the engine is required to be no more than 8g (fundamental frequency, and the vibration measurement part is arranged at the position of the outer clamp of the engine diffuser casing).
Key performance data
a) Engine standard atmospheric conditions sea level static technical parameters

No:      Item                    Value
1. Maximum speed (r/min): 65000
2. Maximum thrust (daN): 100
3. Idle speed (r/min): 30000
4. Idle thrust (daN): 11
5. Engine dry weight (kg): 9.25
6. Thrust-to-weight ratio: 11.89
7. Installed weight (kg): 11.5
8. Installed thrust-to-weight ratio: 9.56
9. Air flow (kg/s): 1.8
10. Maximum thrust fuel consumption (kg/min): 2.6
11. Maximum exhaust temperature: 750℃
12. Operating temperature range: -25℃~+50℃
13. Maximum starting height (m): 5000
14. Maximum use height (m): 10000
15. Maximum working M: 0.9

16. Start mode: automatic fuel start

b) Acceleration of the engine
The engine goes from idle to cart for 10s.
c) Engine deceleration
Engine from cart to idle for 15s.
d) Altitude and speed characteristics of the engine
1. Engine Thrust Height (H)-Speed (Ma) Characteristics
Under the condition of ECU control law, the relationship between thrust and flight altitude and flight speed is shown in the figure.

Figure 3 The curve of thrust with altitude and speed

2. Engine Fuel Consumption Rate Height (H)-Speed (Ma) Characteristics

Figure 4. The curve of fuel consumption rate with flight altitude and speed

Under the condition of ECU control law, the relationship between fuel consumption rate and flight height and flight speed is shown in the figure (excluding bearing lubrication consumption). Engine bleed air quality, engine bleed air quality to fuel tank <0.5% of inlet flow
e) other
1. Speed characteristics
The specific data of XH-1000N engine is subject to the factory data.
When the flight speed and altitude are constant, the relationship between thrust and fuel consumption rate with the rotation speed should be able to provide stable and reliable power for the flight of the aircraft, and meet the flight requirements of the aircraft in various design states.
2. Working envelope (for reference only)
Maximum flight altitude: 10000m
Maximum flight speed: 1100km/h
Minimum working temperature: -25℃
Maximum working temperature: +50℃
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