500kg Thrust Turbojet Engine CTJ-8

Design Features
Compressor: 3-stage axial flow, the supercharging ratio is 3.8, of which the first-stage compressor is a titanium alloy integral blade rotor (IBR).
Combustion chamber: DC annular combustion chamber, 12 centrifugal fuel atomizing nozzles.
Turbine: 1st stage axial flow.
Nozzle: Simple Converging Nozzle.
Control system: Electronic fuel control system.
Fuel system: Use RP-3 fuel.
Lubricating oil system: 4010 lubricating oil is used.
Lgnition system: Compressed air blow, electric igniter or high energy igniter ignition.
Accessories: comes with a 4kW generator system.
Others: The unique oil seal structure makes the engine life longer.

Technical data
    Length: 1250mm
    Diameter: 330mm

    Dry mass: 67kg

    Maximum thrust (CTJ-8A, H=0, Ma0): 4.9kN
    Takeoff thrust (H=0, Ma0.7): 3.2kN
    Cruising thrust (H=8000m, Ma0.7): 1.5kN
    fuel consumption
   Take-off state: 182kg/(kN h)
    Life span: 80~150h
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