40kg Thrust Turbojet CTJ-16

This is a micro turbojet engine specially developed for target drones and small tactical missiles.

Design Features
Compressor: 1-stage centrifugal type with a boost ratio of 3.9.
Combustion chamber: annular baffle combustion chamber.
Turbine: 1-stage centripetal.
Nozzle: Simple Converging Nozzle.
Control system: digital electronic control system.
Fuel system: Use RP-3 fuel.
Lubricating oil system: 4010 lubricating oil is used.
Ignition system: motor start or compressed air start, spark plug or electric igniter ignition.
Accessories: starter motor, brushless electric fuel pump.

Technical data
Length: 345mm
Diameter: 158mm

Dry mass: 23kg

Takeoff thrust: ≥0.42kN
Cruising thrust (H=0, Ma0.3): ≥0.28kN
fuel consumption
  Take-off state: 156kg/(kN h)
Life: 20h

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