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SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer

SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Features
- No drift, dynamic tilt measuring
- Lowest cost,high performance
- Built in MEMS triaxial accelerometer and triaxial gyroscope
- Dynamic accuracy ±0.5°,optional ±1° or ±0.3° or ±0.1°
- Highest refresh rate 400Hz
- Autonomous working, do not need any external auxiliary
- Mounted wherever needed

SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Descriptions
SST810 dynamic inclinometer is specially designed for motion application, which is an inertial product with highest 400Hz update rate.
Traditional inclinometer based on accelerometer and electrolyte principles. In dynamic motion such as rapid movement vehicle and vessel, the measurement result will be affected by extra axial acceleration and centripetal acceleration, so that valid angle measurement data can't identify effectively, and accuracy is unable to guarantee. SST810 adopts advanced inertial navigation technology to exactly measure dynamic pitch/roll tilt angle for long time, without aiding of GPS.

SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Applications
- Ship
- Robot
- dynamic GPS assist
- Engineering machinery
- Weapon platform
- Rail transportation
- Photoelectric platform
- Automotive - Robot
- Power line monitoring, etc.

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Table 1 Specifications
Roll/pitch rang ±180°/±90°
Resolution 0.05°(optional 0.1° or 0.03° or 0.01°)
Response frequency DC~800Hz
Accuracy ≤±0.5°, dynamic(optional ≤±1° or ≤±0.3° or ≤±0.1°)
  ≤±0.05°, static(optional ≤±0.1° or ±0.03° or ±0.01°)
Refresh data Adjustable 0.5-50Hz, optional max 400Hz
Angular velocity range ≤±300°/s(max ≤2000°/s)
Acceleration range ≤±5g(max ≤±16g)
Power supply 9~36VDC
Power consumption <1W
Output interface RS232, RS485, RS422, CAN2.0, CANopen, Ethernet
Output data Roll & pitch angle data,optional triaxial acceleration and triaxial angular velocity data
Operation temperature range -40~85℃
Storage temperature range -40~85℃
MTBF ≥100000 h/times
Shock 1000g@1ms,three-axis, half- sine
Protection IP67
Connecting M12, 5-pin
Dimensions 81x54x28.5mm
Weight 240g(without connector and cable)
Dimensions (mm)
SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Dimensions
SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Dimensions

SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer M12 connector socket
M12 connector socket(Male head view from outside) 
Pin Wire color RS232 RS485 CAN
1 Red Power+ Power+ Power+
2 Black Power- Power- Power
3 Blue TXD A CAN-H
4 Brown RXD B CAN-L
5 Green Signal GND Signal GND CAN-GND

SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer Ordering

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