Inertial Navigation System

High Dynamic Satellite Navigation Receiver HIN-230

The high-dynamic satellite navigation receiver can realize the positioning and timing functions of multi-system integrated navigation, and meet the user's high-speed dynamic application requirements such as airborne and missile-borne. Suitable for applications with highly dynamic rotating carriers.

Adjust the signal receiving design according to the rotation speed of the carrier;
It can be configured to receive and process satellite navigation signals of BDSB1 frequency and GPS L1 frequency at the same time;
With 16 independent channels;
With 1PPS signal output function;
It has the functions of capturing, tracking, and losing lock and fast capture of signals under high dynamic conditions;
With standard RS232/422 interface.

Suitable for positioning and navigation applications such as aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, and missiles;
Suitable for applications with highly dynamic rotating carriers.
Signal reception capability Single BD2 B3 frequency point (C code, P code) or BD2 B1 and GPS L1 frequency point
positioning accuracy PDOP≤3 Positioning error≤l0m
Dynamic performance Speed ≥4000m/s
Acceleration ≥50g
Jerk ≥30g/s
With inertial assisted loop tracking capability
Environmental adaptability -45℃~+80℃
Overall size Antenna size 109mm×84mm×22mm (can be customized)
Receiver size 120mm×80mm×12mm (can be customized)
Powered by 5V DC
Power consumption ≤5W
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