Antennas for the Navigation Systems

Airborne Beidou Dual-mode Integrated Antenna

Product introduction and use
       This antenna has BD-2 B3/B1/S, GPS-L1 signal reception capability and BD-2L signal transmission capability. It can be used for airborne satellite navigation and positioning and the reception and transmission of Beidou short messages.

Main feature
       Small size, low power consumption, low noise figure, good launch ability and environmental adaptability.

Technical indicators
   Operating Voltage: Transmit: +28VDC, Receive: +12VDC
   Impedance: 50 ohms
   Isolation: L to S@ ≥ 20dB; L to B3@ ≥ 20dB; L to L1/B1@ ≥ 10dB
   Dimensions: no more than 161mm×111mm×31mm (excluding connectors)
   Power consumption of the whole machine: transmit ≤ 56W, receive ≤ 1.5W
   Port VSWR: ≤ 1.5dB
   BD2-B1/B3,: Antenna gain: ≥ 3dBi; 3dB beam width ≥ 120°
   GPS-L1 Antenna: Direction Angle: 360°; Cross Polarization Suppression: ≥ 15Db; Axial Ratio: ≤ 3dB
   S/L Antenna:
      Antenna gain: ≥ 3dBi
      3dB beam width: ≥ 120°
      Direction angle: 360°
      Cross-polarization suppression: ≥ 15dB
      Axial ratio: ≤ 3dB
      L-band transmit power: ≥ 40dBm
      Out-of-band rejection at S frequency: ≥ 50dB@ (2510 MHz~2530MHz)
                                                                  ≥ 40dB@(2412MHz~2472MHz)
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