Sounding Rockets

1 Low Altitude Sounding Rocket TK-1 

Low Altitude Sounding Rocket

 Basic information
 The K-1 sounding rocket system consists of a low-altitude sounding rocket, a launcher, a launch control, a receiver, an antenna and a host computer.

 Product parameters 
Detection height: 10hPa~1100hPa
Temperature  measurement: -50C~60°C
Humidity measurement: 0~100%RH
Pressure measurement: 10hPa~1100hP
Rocket diameter: 50mm
Power supply: ≥1h
Storage time: >2years
Receiving distance: >25km
Rocket detection success rate: ≥95%

Application areas 

 TK-1 sounding rocket is used to detect the real-time change of atmospheric temperature, humidity and air pressure with height in the altitude range of 1000m. At present, domestic and foreign sounding operations in the 0-1000m altitude range, mainly conducted by the sounding balloons. The use of rockets as sounding instrument delivery vehicles can overcome the slow speed of balloon lift-off, serious wind drift and other problems, and can quickly obtain the  atmospheric physical parameters in the 0-1000m region. 

Product advantages --

TK-1 low-levelsounding rocket overcomes the problems of slow lift-off and serious drift with the wind of sounding balloons and is highly stable.

2 TK-2 Sounding Rocket

Sounding Rocket

 Basic information 
TK-2 Sounding Rocket can be used to collect atmospheric temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction and other atmospheric parameters in real time.The detecting range is 8km.It can not only provide decision-making support for the weather modification operation, but also be used in meteorological scientific research.

 Product parameters
Max.Diameter (mm): 82
Total Length: 1570
Launch Mass: 8.9
Height(km): 8.0+0.5
Effective probing altitude range: 0~7
Landing velocity of rocket sonde (m/s): 6±1
Pressure range (hpa): 10-1100
Wind Speed Range (m/s): 0~25
Frequency of data collection (Hz): 1
Continuous working time (min): >120
Probing Items: temperature, pressure,humidity, wind speed, inddirection and 3D coordinate of measure points
Storage period: 3 years

 Application areas

    It can provide meteorological observation data for weather modification operation, and can be used for meteorological observation and meteorological scientific research.

 Product advantages

1.The detection elements are various and the detection accuracy is high.

2.The rocket system can be used concisely and quickly, and can carry out real-time meteorological observation in the designated airspace.

3. It can be launched under complex weather conditions.

3 Skyhawk 2 Sounding Rocket

Skyhawk 2 Sounding Rocket


Product parameters
Load compartment outer diameter: 398mm
Flight altitude: 120km
Rocket body length: 6m
Payload Weight: 50kg
Take-off mass: 620kg
Take-off thrust: 120kN

4 Skyhawk 4 Sounding Rocket

Skyhawk 4 Sounding Rocket

Product parameters
Number of stages                               Single stage Two stages
Load compartment outer diameter      204mm        204mm
Flight altitude                                      120km          120km
Rocket body length                             3.38m            4.6m
Payload Weight                                   5kg                5kg
Take-off weight                                   150kg            175kg
Take-off thrust                                  19kN               40kN

5 Skyhawk 6 Sounding Rocket
Product parameters
Load compartment outer diameter: 398mm
Flight altitude: 260km
Rocket body length: 11.5m
Payload Weight: 260kg
Take-off weight: 2900kg
Take-off thrust: 133kN
Microgravity level: 10g
Microgravity test time: ≥6.5min

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