S-25 Rocket

The S-25 rocket (Russian: C-25) is a series of aerial rocket systems developed by the Soviet Air Force and used by military aircraft against semi-hard and hard ground targets. It still serves in the Russian Air Force and various export customers. 

Date of development: Mid-1960s - 1975 
Manufacturer: KB Tochmash 
Date of production :1975 - present 

S-25 rocket Basic Specifications
Weight :480 kg (1,058.22 lb) 
Length:3,310-3,800 mm (130.31-149.61 in) 
Body: 250 mm (9.84 in) 
Warhead: 300-420 mm (11.81-16.54 in) 
Effective range: 3,000-11,000 m (3,280.84-12,029.75 yd, 9,842.52-36,089.24 ft, 1.86-6.84 mi) 
Warhead: 150-190 kg (330.69-418.88 lb) explosive yield 
Detonation mechanism: trigger fuse or proximity fuse 
Engine: Rocket engine 
Wingspan :600 mm (23.62 in) 
Speed: 511-700 m/s, about 1.5-2.06 Mach 
Guidance system: unguided/laser guidance system

S-25 rocket Model 

Unguided rocket: 
S-25F: Models equipped with high explosive warheads, range 2,000-3,000 m. 
S-25O: Model equipped with fragmentation warhead and radio proximity fuze. 
S-25O-PU: Model equipped with a cone charge warhead. 
S-25OF: Model with high blaster warheads. (Russian: Осколочно-фугасный снаряд). 
S-25OFM: Model for enhanced targets. 
S-25M: A modernized version of the S-25OF. 
S-25MD: Modernized version with extended range of 4,000-5,000 m. 

Guided missile
S-25L: laser-guided version, Bunker buster, ground-penetrating warhead version with a range of 7,000 m. 
S-25LD: laser-guided and extended range version with a range of 11,000 m. 
S-25TV: Model with Television guidance head, mainly for export. 
S-25IRS: Model with infrared guidance head. 
S-25A: The model of active radar guidance head with Ku-band (18-40 GHZ) active radar guidance. 
S-25SE: Equipped with the Glonass system
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