S-13 Rocket

The S-13 rocket was an unguided 122mm rocket weapon developed by the Soviet Air Force for military aircraft use, which still serves in the Russian Aerospace Forces and some other countries. The S-13 rocket is a traditional Russian rocket, which has been introduced and mass-produced by the Chinese People's Liberation Army long ago, with a very large amount of weapons and equipment. Basically, every fighter jet can carry this rocket without guidance.

The standard S-13 rocket has a range of up to 6 kilometers and has a variety of warheads to choose from. The S-13T rocket, for example, is designed to be used against bunkers and runways, and can penetrate 6 meters of soil or 1 meter of reinforced concrete. S-13OF fragmentation anti-personnel rocket, warhead explosion can form more than 450 pieces of 23 to 35 grams of shrapnel, and the effect of killing personnel and vehicles is significantly. The S-13DF high-explosive rocket has a 40-kilogram charge that can blow anything into the sky.

 S-13 Rocket specifications
Designation Type Length overall Launch weight Warhead weight Range Notes
S-13 Penetration 2.54 m 57 kg 21 kg
(1.82 kg of explosive)
1.1 – 3 km Penetrates 3 m of earth and 1 m of reinforced concrete. On runways it produces a demolition area of 20 m2. Velocity 650 m/s.
S-13B Penetration 2.63 m 60 kg 23 kg
(1.92 kg of explosive)
n/a Penetrates 3 m of earth and 1 m of concrete. Introduced in 2021
S-13T Tandem HEAT 2.99 m 75 kg 21 kg and 16.3 kg (1.8 kg and 2.7 kg of explosives) 1.1 – 4 km Combined penetration of 6 m of earth and 1 m of reinforced concrete. Velocity 500 m/s
S-13OF APAM/FRAG 2.97 m 69 kg 33 kg
(7 kg of explosive)
1.6 – 3 km Produces 450 splinters between 23 and 35 g, capable of penetrating lightly armoured vehicles such as APCs and IFVs. Velocity 530 m/s. Introduced in 1993.
S-13D FAE 3.12 m 68 kg 32 kg
(14.2 kg of fuel)
1.6 – 3 km 35 – 40 kg TNT equivalent. Velocity 530 m/s. Introduced in 1995.
S-13DF FAE 3.12 m 68 kg 32 kg
(14.6 kg of fuel)
0.5 – 6 km Up to 40 kg TNT equivalent. Velocity 530 m/s. Ordered upgraded in 2018.

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