Fixed Wing Drones

HK-300G Shipborne Fixed Wing UAV

The ship-borne fixed wing uav can achieve common rail launch recovery, no need of runway, low takeoff and landing site requirements, and adapt to shipborne and complex terrain environment. Available for simultaneously carrying visible light, infrared, radar, communications relay and other loads, with multi-mission capability. It has the function of high level emission and recovery, the following of auxiliary device and carrying platform, strong wind resistance, and it can adapt to the high sea conditions. Fully autonomous flight, easy to operate. Adopt high efficiency pneumatic layout and low fuel consumption heavy fuel power, have long time mission ability.

Wingspan: 9.5 m
Length : 5.6 m
Max Take -off weight :350 kg
Max mission paylosd: 60 kg
Max level flight speed: 220 km/h
Cruising speed: 120-140 km/h
Practical ceiling: 7000 m
Max endurance 12 h
Anti-wind: Level 6
Measurement and control the radius : 40 km
Launch recovery mode : Common orbit launch recovery
Image transmission distance : 200 km

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