Unmanned Helicopters

GQ-320 Shipborne Unmanned Helicopter

GQ-320 Shipborne Unmanned Helicopter
The GQ-320 unmanned carrier-based helicopter adopts a tandem dual-rotor design and is equipped with a heavy fuel aeroengine. From the data point of view, the GQ-320 unmanned carrier-based helicopter has achieved better performance with a smaller volume. The layout is compact, the load is large, the flight time is long, and the voyage is long. It can be applied to various purposes such as electronic countermeasures, battlefield reconnaissance, monitoring and monitoring, and command communication.

Length: 3150mm
Width: 1050mm
Height: 1400mm
Maximum take-off weight: 320 kg,
Maximum Payload: 100kg,
Maximum voyage: 500 kilometers,
Endurance: 4 hours,
The maximum practical ceiling: 3500 meters.
Maximum flight speed: 140 km/h
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