Chen Feng CSC-002 VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone

The Biggest VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone with the Largest Take-off Weight in China

1. System Overview
The weight of CSC-002 VTOL fixed-wing drone is 140kg, and its endurance is morn than 6 hours and it is suitable for field vertical take-off and landing flight operations. The drone features   both vertical take-off and landing as well as high-speed cruise, and has many advantages such as convenient usage, flexible maneuverability, good concealment and good security.
CSC-002 VTOL fixed-wing drone is composed with drone platform, measurement and control sub-system, mission load sub-system, maintenance support sub-system. And it is mainly used in aerial reconnaissance and surveillance, target searching, tracking, identification and location,survey of terrain and road condition, the border patrol and island petrol. Moreover, It can also be widely used in marine surveillance, forest fire prevention, anti-terrorist maintenance, traffic patrol, environmental protection, geographical mapping, disaster patrol, emergency rescue and other fields.

2. the Characters of System      
        A, Take-off weight is the largest in China
        B, Full composite structure
        C, Large load and long endurance
        D, Modular design
        E, Integrated command and control, storage and transportation
        F, Networked task management

 3. Ground Control Vehicle
The ground control vehicle of drone provides a good working environment for the drone ground movement command and control platform and the ground operators and equipment.
Meanwhile, it can also transport the vehicle equipment to the pointed place and start work, which realize integrated command and control storage and transportation.
·It has the function of flight control, load display control, link monitoring, integrated support
·With the Broadband data link, ground control vehicle can have a real-time control and status monitoring about the drone platform and airborne mission load, as well as transmit remotely target image and video and other mission data.
· Provide different type of support equipment to satisfy that the system of measurement and control works normal. Meanwhile it provide the carrier for the drone.
·It has the ability of secondary distribution of information and transmit the image, date and voice collected on site to the center of ground command and control .

Main Technical Parameters
Max take- off weight 140kg
Dynamic Gas-electric hybrid
Effective load 30kg
Endurance > 6 hour
Flight speed range 100km-150km/h
Max level altitude 5000m
Max take off and landing altitude 4500m
Take-off and landing approach Fully autonomous fixed-point VTOL
Control method Full autonomous control
Anti-wind grade Level 6
The assembly time ≤ 20 min
Boundary dimension 4.3*6.1*0.9

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