Xiang Yi CSC-005 VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone

Complete the Assemble in 3 Minutes and Finish Task Any Time Any Where

1. System Overview   
The take-off weight of CSC-005 VTOL fixed-wing drone is 21 kg and its endurance is more than 2 hours, which is suitable for vertical take -off and landing in the field. The system of drone is composed of drone platform, measurement and control system, mission load sub-system, maintenance support sub-system and intelligence processing sub-system. The drone platform adapts four rotors vertical take-off and vertical landing and is equip with multirotor vertical take-off and landing as well as fixed wing and cruising fast. It can patrol and reconnoitre the danger and scheduled area as well as provide real-time situation analysis for armed police, public security and border defense. Moreover, the system help the vehicle to complete the surveillance of target area, strike and assessment .

2. the Characters of System
      A, Pure electric and little noise
     B, Large load and long endurance
     C, Module design, install and dismantle quickly in 3 minutes without tools
     D, Small volume and easy to carry
     E, The core component can autonomously control
     F, It is suitable for all kinds of complex situation, and satisfy Chinese military requirement

3. Practical Application Scene 
·Lock the mission target
·Night patrol effect
·ground station track planning
·Infrared imaging effect

4. Main Technical Parameters
Aircraft platform
Max take- off weight 21kg
Max mission load 2kg
Endurance 1.5kg (carry 1.5kg load)
Flight speed range 65km-120km/h
Max take off and landing altitude 4500m
Take-off and landing approach Fully autonomous fixed-point VTOL
Control method Full autonomous control
The ability of Anti-wind  Level 6
Boundary dimension(length* width*height) 1.8m*3.3m*0.4m
Container size 1.25m*0.5m*0.4m
The assembly time About 3 minutes
·Data Link
Operating range >=50km
Working frequency L wave band
Transmit rate
Control code rate>=800m
Telemetry code rate>=51.2kbps
Image code rate: 4Mbps
·Mission System and Measurement and Control System
Visible light
Identification distance >=900M
resolution 1920*1080
Focal length
10x Optical Zoom
Identification distance >=800m
(Visibility is 5000m,
Target 6m*4m typical target)
Type Uncooled long wave infrared
Resolution 640*480
Focal length 25mm
FVO 24°
Laser ranging
DME distance >=800
Range accuracy ±0.5m(RMS)
Frequency ranging 1 Hz

Related news:

1  A senior official was cited by Reuters as saying the aircraft was probably the new Xiang Yi CSC-005 VTOL fixed-wing drone. It is the second time this year Chinese aircraft have been detected near Dongyin, with a Chinese Y-12 civilian transport plane flying near the island on Feb. 5.

2 The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) currently deploys CW-20 and CSC-005 light VTOL UAS on its vessels. These have recently been used to conduct sorties around Taiwan’s far-flung islands of Kinmen and Dongyin. With MTOW of less than 100 kg (220 lb.) these drones have lower endurance and lack the ability to fly in inclement weather across open seas. If deployed, the AR-500CJ could potentially provide the PLAN or its carrier group with over-the-horizon surveillance and targeting capability, a feature currently lacking without a true airborne early warning platform.
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