SCA130 Series Small Reconnaissance Photoelectric Pod

Product overview
SCA130 photoelectric pod adopts high-precision two axis stable platform to effectively isolate aircraft disturbance and vibration; Built in continuous zoom visible light camera (optional infrared camera), which mainly meets various application requirements such as power patrol inspection, observation, tracking, forest fire prevention and other flight monitoring and investigation. The product has compact structure and high cost performance, and can be equipped with various types of helicopters, UAVs and unmanned airships.

Product features
Built in continuous zoom HD visible camera
640x480 infrared thermal imager
High precision two axis stable platform with torque motor direct drive
Integrated HD automatic tracking

SCA130 series small reconnaissance photoelectric pod can be used in reconnaissance, aiming, search and rescue, anti smuggling, evidence collection, security, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, auxiliary navigation and other fields. The product has compact structure and high cost performance. It can be equipped not only in various types of multi rotor UAVs, small and medium-sized fixed wing / rotor UAVs and unmanned airships, but also in ships and vehicle carriers to meet the needs of air and sea use.

Index parameters
  SCA130 (single light)
Visible light camera
CCD 1/4 Inch / 1 / 2.8 inch (optional) had CCD
camera lens Optional 10x, 20x, 30x optical zoom
Image format PAL system, frame rate 25Hz, 720x576
HD-SDI 1080P
Infrared thermal imager
Detector and lens Uncooled 640x480 (384x288) 17μM lens: 5mm, 9mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm (optional) (either visible or infrared)
stabilized platform
Stability accuracy ≤2mrad(1σ)
Search range (azimuth) Nx360°
Search range (pitch) -90°~+ 30°
Maximum pitch angular velocity ≥60°/s
Azimuth maximum angular velocity ≥60°/s
Maximum pitch angular acceleration ≥100°/s²
Azimuth maximum angular acceleration ≥100°/s²
Electrical interface
Video output Pal or HD-SDI
Communication control RS422
Power Supply
External power supply 9 ~ 18vdc or 20 ~ 30VDC
Rated power consumption ≤ 40W, peak value ≤ 60W
environment condition
working temperature -20~+65℃
Storage temperature -40~+85℃
weight ≦1.5kg
size Φ130mm×200mm
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