Fixed Wing Drones

Small Long-endurance Drone DJZC-1

DJZC-1 is a reconnaissance UAV carefully designed for border and coastal defense patrols. It is especially suitable for island and reef take-off and maritime reconnaissance. It has the characteristics of full autonomous flight and long battery life. Carrying visible light and infrared cameras and image transmission systems, it can carry out full-time daytime reconnaissance flights.

Maximum flight speed: 50 m/s
Flight altitude: 100~3000 m
Endurance: 3h
Maximum take-off weight: 20Kg
Maximum load: 8Kg
Captain: 1.81 m
Wingspan: 3.27 m
Control distance: 40 km
Wind resistance: level 5
Take-off method: rubber band ejection
Recovery method: parachute or glide
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight

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