PLZ-45 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer System

The PLZ-45 155mm self-propelled howitzer weapon system is a large-caliber self-propelled artillery weapon system successfully developed by China in the mid-1990s. The weapon system is attached to the group army, mechanized infantry division, reserve artillery division and tank division. It has joint and independent combat capabilities and is used to fight enemy artillery, suppress enemy tactical weapons and other important tactical targets, and annihilate the enemy's vital forces and firearms. , destroy the enemy's field fortifications, and be able to fight against enemy tanks and armored vehicles, and support the combat operations of motorized infantry and armored troops with uninterrupted firepower.
The PLZ-45 self-propelled howitzer is used by the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Algerian People's National Army, the Kuwait Army and the Saudi Arabian Army.

PLZ-45 SPH Specifications
Mass: 33 tonnes
Length: 10.5 m (34 ft 5 in)
Width: 3.3 m (10 ft 10 in)
Height: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) with AAMG
Crew: 5
Caliber: 155mm (45 calibre)
Traverse    : 360°
Rate of fire Maximum: 5 rounds/min
Sustained: 2 rounds/min
Effective firing range (HE): 24 km; (ERFB) 30 km; (ERFB-HB-BB) 39 km
  Protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters
Main armament: 155 mm howitzer
Secondary armament:12.7 mm heavy machine gun
                                  2 sets of 4-barrel grenade launchers
Engine: Deutz turbocharged air-cooled diesel engine
525 hp (391 kW)
Power/weight:15 hp/tonne
Suspension:Torsion bar
Operational range: 550 km (340 mi) 
Maximum speed: 55 km/h (34 mph) (on-road)
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