Unmanned Helicopters

Sky Saker-H300 Reconnaissance and Strike Unmanned Helicopter System

The Sky Saker-H300 is a reconnaissance and armed unmanned helicopter designed and manufactured by the Chinese Company NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation).  The Sky Saker-H300 reconnaissance and strike unmanned helicopter system consists of unmanned helicopter platform, mission payload and ground control station (GCS).


The Sky Saker-H300 uses aerial titanium alloy and composite materials to have excellent environment adaptability, especially maritime anticorrosion, salt and spray resistance capability. It uses a compact structure offering excellent system integration and high reliability. It Adopts advanced structural design technology to improve anti side wind capability that enables bigger payload up to 100kg, endurance up to 5 hours and hovering time up to 3 hours.
The Sky Saker-H300 is designed with a coaxial rotor system that will allow this small unmanned helicopter obtain the capabilities of a standard helicopter but with a smaller size. The Sky Saker-H300 has a maximum take-off weight of 300 kg offering a payload capacity up to 100 kg. It can fly at a maximum speed of 160 km/h with a maximum endurance of 5 hours. It has the ability to operate in remote and / or an autonomous mode while performing missions. In the remote-control mode, it is controlled by its operator from the ground control station.

Patyload equipment
The Sky Saker-H300 equipment mainly consists of tube missile, sight launching control device etc. The nose of Sky Saker-H300 has a payload area capable of carrying any of various electronics like camera, laser, or radar systems. The missile adopts the imaging homing guidance principle. The Sky Saker-H300 can fire two types of missiles, i.e. TV imaging guidance missile and un-cooling IR imaging guidance missile. The missile system is characterized by locking target before firing and fire-and forget. When the missile is launched, it can guide itself to the target autonomously.

Combat use
The Sky Saker-H300 is mainly used to carry out such combat missions as precision strike, battlefield reconnaissance and monitoring, accurate target positioning, laser illumination and strike/damage effect assessment. It can perform fire correction for conventional ammunition and laser illumination for laser terminal-guided ammunition, so as to satisfy army's requirements on autonomous operation and command, rapid held operation and accurate strike in modern war.
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