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RZ-10 Anti Jamming Data Link of Missile Aircraft Diagram Transmission

The anti-jamming data link system of missile aircraft image transmission is composed of missile borne antenna, missile borne RF module, missile borne baseband / video module, airborne antenna, airborne RF module and airborne baseband / video module. The product transmits the target image monitoring information of the remote missile to the airborne control center in real time through the wireless network transmission technology, and the operator of the airborne control center transmits the control command to the remote missile through the wireless network. Both image and instruction transmission have strong anti-interference characteristics. The product adopts the industry's advanced image compression technology and fdd-ofdm frequency hopping transmission technology. At the same time, it has strong anti electromagnetic interference and anti multipath fading ability, and has minimal video and data transmission delay.

Wireless data transmission, picture transmission system and equipment:
Key indicators
Working distance: 30km (customizable)
Frequency band: C-band
Transmission rate: video 2.5mbps, data 250kbps
Signal modulation mode: OFDM / MSK
Data transmission delay: less than 10ms
Video transmission delay: less than 80ms
Anti interference mode: frequency hopping / adaptive frequency selection
Frequency hopping bandwidth: 500MHz
Frequency hopping speed: 1000 hops / S
Frequency hopping points: ≥ 1000 points
Networking mode: support 4-to-8 networking
Video interface: CML, camerlink
Data interface: 422 interface
Video resolution: 640 x 480
Video frame rate: 25 frames / second
Power amplifier power: output power 2W (max), adjustable in steps of 1dB
Power consumption: missile borne terminal ≤ 50W, airborne terminal ≤ 35W

Dimension and  weight
Volume: outer diameter 125mm; Inner diameter 85mm; Height 85mm
Weight: ammunition loaded terminal 700g

Environmental adaptability
Operating temperature: - 40-55 ℃
Storage temperature: - 55-75 ℃
Note: the above index parameters can be customized or configured according to customer requirements.
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