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XDCX-03 Lightweight Loitering Munitio Group Air-ground Data Link

XDCX-03 airborne terminal is an integrated data link radio suitable for small and medium-sized patrol missile groups. It can make air nodes self-organizing and dynamic networking, and meet the typical operational functional requirements of back-end flight control and strike control, node sensor information collection and front-end image and video return in the integrated combat mission of observation and combat of small and medium-sized patrol missile groups.

The movement range of aircraft group is generally deployed in the area 80 ~ 200km away from the rear command center, the node spacing within the group is 100m ~ 40km, and the node movement speed range is 200 ~ 500km / h.

Technical indicators
Center frequency:S-band, 2.9ghz ~ 3.3GHz
Missile ground communication distance:>100KM
Missile communication distance:>10KM
Information rate:Uplink > 256 kbps
Downlink > 8.56mbps
Link delay:≤ 300ms (without relay)
Network capacity:> 30 nodes
Network establishment time:≤10S
Node joining time: ≤ 1s
Anti interference capability: narrowband communication can resist no less than 50% frequency point interference
Mass of data link missile borne terminal: ≤ 1.5kg
Mass of data link missile borne antenna: ≤ 0.06kg
Operating voltage range: 18V ~ 36V
Power consumption: average power consumption ≤ 50W, maximum power consumption ≤ 100W
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