Drones Data Links

Universal Networking Data Link-D2 Series

The data link system can be applied in different scenarios, and can realize networking between 200km over-the-horizon missile (aircraft) and the ground, as well as between missiles and aircraft,

Complete the collection and transmission of information on missiles (aircraft) such as reported position, speed, attitude, target characteristics, formation form, etc. to the ground, with high-definition image data efficient compression function, support H264, H265 format; ground equipment receives data in real time and processes data storage and parsing.

Product Category: D2 Series
Number of networks: ≥32
Communication distance: 200km (between missiles/between aircraft)
Communication frequency band: U/L/S/C frequency band optional
Networking time: 3s
Network access time: 1s
Central node switchable: optional
Application direction: mainly used for target drones, target missiles, combat drones, missile networking coordination and information sharing.
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