Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar

Micro High-performance SAR System (CAS Mini SAR)

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Product Overview

CAS Mini SAR is a set of high-performance synthetic aperture radar system specially designed and developed for low-altitude flight platform application requirements, which is used for image acquisition of a continuous large area of sea surface. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low power consumption. It can be mounted on a low-altitude flight platform with all-weather and all-day remote sensing data acquisition capability. Its role distance, without being limited by the light and clouds, mapping resolution has nothing to do with the flying height, total weight is less than 3 kg, total power consumption characteristics of less than 65 W, so using CAS Mini SAR image acquisition system with a low plane sea has the prominent advantages of low cost, high efficiency, has been the national defense, geology, natural resource exploration and monitoring, mapping, cartography, ocean research, agriculture, forestry and ecological monitoring, pollution and is widely used in the field of disaster estimation, etc.

Product Composition
CAS Mini SAR system includes onboard equipment, ground processing equipment and auxiliary equipment. Among them, the onboard equipment is mainly responsible for the acquisition of radar raw data, real-time SAR image processing and other work. The ground processing equipment is responsible for the processing of radar image information and the generation of intelligence application products.

Product Characteristics
1. Small size: 200mm×180mm×150mm;
2. Light weight: the total weight of the onboard radar is less than 3kg;
3. Low energy consumption: the total power consumption of the onboard radar is less than 65W;
4. Operating distance is far away : 500-6000m;
5. All-weather and all-day remote sensing data acquisition capability;
6. Free from light and cloud;
7. Image resolution has nothing to do with flight altitude.

The Product Application
With the launch of a number of airborne SAR in China and the successful operation of spaceborne SAR in orbit, users in various industries have put forward a large number of urgent application needs for SAR. CAS Mini SAR flight platform can be mainly applied in the following aspects:

Object feature extraction and recognition: Water body extraction, building extraction, highway extraction, ship identification, etc.

Resources and environment monitoring: Ground object classification, vegetation classification, ecological environment monitoring, etc.

Disaster monitoring: Earthquake, flood, landslide, debris flow, mountain collapse and other disaster monitoring.

Ocean exploration: Oil spill monitoring, sea ice monitoring, red tide monitoring, coastline monitoring, reef identification and other Marine applications.
Mini SAR

Miniature SAR image (Bridge)
Mini SAR

Figure miniature SAR image (Industrial area)
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