Synthetic Aperture Radar

Synthetic Aperture Radar for Drones RK-12

The RK-12 unmanned aerial vehicle SAR system is an imaging radar system independently developed by the company that uses the principle of synthetic aperture radar to obtain high-resolution two-dimensional images of the ground. The system can be widely mounted on various light and small unmanned rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft and other flight platforms, and realizes all-day, all-weather, quasi-real-time, high-resolution remote sensing and telemetry functions of the observation area.

● SAR imaging
● target search

● Band: Ku
● Imaging width: 1.5km
● Optimal resolution: 0.25m
● Search distance: ≥8km
● Imaging distance: ≥6km
● Weight: 2.1kg (live imaging)
● Dimensions: 350mm x 180mm x 200mm
● Power consumption: 70W

Application field
● Environmental monitoring
● Disaster assessment
● Remote search and rescue
● Island surveillance

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