Synthetic Aperture Radar

MPR-12 Airborne small SAR

1. Application background
Our airborne small SAR product is a high-performance synthetic aperture radar system specially designed and developed for the application requirements of light and small low altitude flight platform, with all-weather and all-time remote sensing data acquisition capability. It can be widely used in national defense, topographic mapping, cartography, marine research, agricultural and forestry ecological monitoring, pollution and disaster estimation.
Airborne small SAR

Airborne small SAR
2. Product technical index
(1) . working mode
  model 1: SAR, model 2: SAR / InSAR
(2) . accuracy
  imaging width: ≤ 2km
  working band: X Band / Ku band
   resolution: better than 0.3m × 0.3m
   action distance: ≤ 5km
   storage capacity: ≤ 2TB
(3) . power supply interface
   data output interface: Lightning interface / USB3.0
  power supply interface: 24 ~ 32vdc
  communication interface: 100Mbps network port
(4) Communication protocol
  network protocol: TCP
(5) , weight
   overall dimension (length, width and height): no more than 160mm * 150mm * 100mm
   weight: no more than 5kg (excluding battery)
   total power consumption: no more than 120W
  protection grade: IP53

3. Product picture
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