HQ-9BE Long-range Surface-to-air Missile (FD-2000 )

The HQ-9BE long-range surface-to-air missile system can intercept various air targets, including aircrafts, cruise missiles, air-to-surface missiles, as well as the TBM with the range of 1000km.

★Main combat weapon for national air defense and key asset air defense
★Strong anti-jamming ability
★Command and control other air defense weapons to form an integrated multi-layer air defense system.

Interception slant range: 5km-260km
Multi-target capability: guide 16 missiles to intercept 8 targets

Operational range:120 km (HQ-9)
                                 250 km (HQ-9B)
Flight ceiling: 50 km (HQ-9B)
Maximum speed:Mach 4+
Guidance system:Semi-active radar homing
Launch platform: 
HQ-9 ground-launched
HHQ-9 surface-launched

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