Fixed Wing Drones

Harrier Hawk III Surveillance Attack UAV

Harrier Hawk III UAV is the third member of Harrier Hawk series UAV in a flying-wing / blended wing body layout. Propulsion is provided by a pair of three-blade propellers driven by a pusher engine mounted at the rear end of the flying wing.  Harrier Hawk III UAV has retractable tricycle landing gear system and winglets. Harrier Hawk III made its public debut at the 9th Zhuhai Airshow in 2012.

Take-off weight: 2000kg
Mission payload: 300kg-700kg
practical ceiling: 8000m
Max flight speed: >340km/h
Cruising speed: 260km/h-320km/h
Max range: 6500km
Endurance: 24h
Single station flight control radius : >200km( sighting condition
Dual  station flight control radius:  >600km( Dual combat distance 400km, general view
Image positioning accuracy:  80m(CEP)
Satellite relay flight control radius:   >2000km( Satellite beam coverage
Image positioning accuracy:  80m(CEP)
Attack accuracy of reconnansance and strike: 3m(CEP, Laser terminal guidance
Ground sliding distance: < 400m
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