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Electric Variable Pitch Aircraft Propeller ZP1900


Electric  variable pitch aircraft propellerr ZP1900

Electric variable pitch aircraft propeller ZP1900
Product description
Electric  variable pitch aircraft propeller ZS1900 is independently developed and designed by our company. At present, it has completed function and performance test, structural strength test, 400-hour endurance test and flight test, etc. Our propeller is made of carbon fiber material, which has the characteristics of high stiffness, high strength, light weight and good radar penetration. It is currently used in 145hp to 200hp aviation piston engines.
Product advantage
Large range of varying pitch: product range of varying pitch +10°~+40°, to meet different flight conditions of the aircraft.
High performance: provides static thrust of no less than 300kGF at a speed of 2400r/min at standard atmospheric pressure.
High reliability: high reliability requirements throughout the product structure design, material selection and process design. The variable pitch mechanism has passed various reliability tests and 500 hour durability tests. The blade passed 3.4 times pull-out test and the static load test of 81.5kg cantilever beam at 75% position of the blade.
Lightweight: the blade, variable pitch mechanism and other accessories are lightweight design. Minimize product weight while ensuring adequate safety margin and environmental adaptability. The total weight including accessories is less than 12.18kg (excluding accessories).

80hp~200hp Engine

Technical parameters
Propeller type Thrust propeller /pull propeller
Number of blades(blade) 3
Propeller diameter (mm) 1900
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise
Variable form Electric
Variable range (degree) ≥10°
Variable range response speed (degree/s) ≥1.5°
Maximum rated speed 2387 
Weight (kg) ≤13
Moment of inertia (kgm2) 0.56
Blade material Carbon fiber composites
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