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Electric variable pitch aircraft propeller ZP1870


Product Description
ZS1870 electric variable pitch propeller is independently developed and designed by our company. It has completed performance test, structural strength test, 400 hour endurance test and flight test. The propeller is made of carbon fiber material, which has the characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, light weight and good radar penetration. At present, it is used in aviation piston engine from 115 HP to 160 HP.

Product Advantages
Excellent performance: Propeller static thrust≥270kgf.
Low noise: Shows small vibration and low noise at 2500 r/min.
Large range of propeller margins: Large range and fast response, suitable for engines in different states.
Light blade: The material used is carbon fiber material, hollow design, the propeller blade has the characteristics of light weight and high strength.

Customized development can be carried out according to customer's needs.

80hp~~200hp Engine

Technical Parameters
Blade number:3
Propeller diameter (mm):1870
Rotation direction:Anti-clockwise
Variable pitch mode:Electric variable pitch
Maximum speed (RPM):2600
Weight (kg):14.66
Moment of inertia(kg·m²):0.8
material:Carbon fiber
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