Fixed Wing Drones

Rainbow CH-3 Medium Range UAV

The rainbow  series UAVs, developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) starting in the 1990s, has since progressed considerably. ,The main equipment components of the Rainbow-3 UAV mid-range UAV system include: medium-range unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-mounted vehicle telemetry remote control stations and ground support equipment.

CH-3A is the development of CH-3 and share the identical layout. Improvement of CH-3A over CH-3 includes that the maximum payload is increased to more than 100 kg, and satellite data link is also incorporated. CH3A is a multipurpose UAV which can also carry AR 1 laser guided rocket for attacking role

Wingspan:8 meters
Length:5.5 meters
height      2 meters
Takeoff weight:650 kg
Payload:60 ~ 180kg
Maximum speed:256 km / h
Service ceiling:7000 meters
Cruise altitude: 3000 ~ 5000m
Maximum range:2400 km
Endurance :12 ~ 15 hours
Power device:  One piston engine
Mounted weapons:AR-1 air to ground missile

Drone Tempur : Ternyata Indonesia Punya CH-4 drone, Ini ...年9月16日
Drone Tempur : Ternyata Indonesia Punya CH-4, Ini Spesifikasi dan .... bersama, CH-5 dapat bekerja sama dengan drone CH-3 drone dan CH-4 drone

Guerre des drones dans le monde arabe : le futur, c'est ...年9月23日
Samedi une attaque de drones a visé des installations pétrolières en ..... L'Algérie dispose aussi de drones chinois d'attaque CH-4 drone et CH-3 drone et

China finds its UAV export sweet spot
UAV giant Israel has exported about 167 MALE UAVs of the H ermes and ... of UAVs, which includes the Cai Hong 3 (CH-3) drone and larger CH-4 drone

Welcome to Libya's War of Drones (Courtesy of China?)
The National Interest Online (blog)-2019年5月1日
Welcome to Libya's War of Drones (Courtesy of China?) ... air force deployed missile-armed CH-3 drones against Boko Haram militants

Chinese drones may soon swarm the market — and that could ...
Business Insider-2017年11月16日
The most well-known and used Chinese drones are the CH-3 drone, CH-4 drone, ... Even the CH-5 drone, which is currently China's deadliest drone in service

Chinese Drones Are Going to War All Over the Middle East ...
The National Interest Online (blog)-2019年8月17日
In the summer of 2019, China's exported killer drones attained new ... The early, tailless CH-3 drone first saw combat use by Nigeria against Boko

China, Pakistan sign deal to build 48 strike-capable Wing ...
South China Morning Post-2018年10月10日
Pakistan has also produced its own drone, the Burraq, which made its ... based on China's multi-purpose medium-range CH-3 drone system

China's New Killer Drone Ready for Mass Production
The Diplomat-2017年7月18日
Therefore, it is very easy for current users of the CH-3 and CH-4 to introduce and integrate the CH-5 droneinto their drone network,” Shi said in ...
China Begins Production Of CH-5 Rainbow drone Military Drone ...

Did An Armed Chinese-Made Drone Just Crash in Nigeria?
Popular Science-2015年1月28日
The CH-3 drone is a medium UAV built by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. This 256km per hour, 630kg drone has a .

Unable to Buy US Military Drones, Allies Place Orders With ...
Wall Street Journal-2017年7月17日
The same month, another Chinese military drone, the CH-4 Rainbow, ..... A Nigerian Air Force spokesman said Nigeria was using CH-3 drone

China assisted Pakistan on armed drone, say experts
Financial Times-2015年9月9日
The Burraq, he added, “strongly resembles” China's CH-3 UAV. Pieter Wezeman, a senior researcher at the Stockholm International Peace

China: A rising drone weapons dealer to the world
It's even rebuffed Jordan's requests for U.S. military drones to defend ... Drones, like the CH-3 and CH-4, are widely considered to be less

It Seems a Chinese Missile Drone Just Crashed in Nigeria
War is Boring-2015年1月28日
China's CH-3 drone, which made its debut at the 2008 Zhuhai Air Show, can reportedly carry two laser-guided AR-1 air-to-ground missiles

China unveils new stealth drone prototype at air show
Global Times-2018年11月4日
China unveils new stealth drone prototype at air show ... Unlike the CH-3 drone, CH-4 drone, and CH-5 dronewhich adopted the traditional unmanned structure

Algeria, Egypt unveil Chinese UAVs
Footage of CH-3 drone and CH-4 UAVs in Algerian service emerged in ... A single UAV was seen taking off with a missile under each wing and later

Nigerian Air Force graduates first locally trained UAV pilots
The first five newly trained UAV pilots were given their wings by the Chief of the Air ... The CH-3 drone, with a wingspan of eight metres, has a 12 hour

CH-5 UAV officially unveiled at Airshow China年11月2日
The CH-5 is the latest UAV of the Rainbow series. ... meters is optimal for drones such as the CH-5 drone and its predecessors, the CH-3 drone and CH-4 drone.

Meet China's Killer Drones
Foreign Policy (blog)-2016年1月14日
Actually using the robotic aircraft hasn't always gone smoothly: Nigeria's armed CH-3 drone, short for “Caihong-3,” drones first became public when .

Is Myanmar Using Armed Chinese Drones For ...
The Diplomat-2016年6月8日
Specifically, the Myanmar military is using the drones to enable ongoing ... The CH-3A drone is a variant of the CH-3 drone fixed-wing unmanned combat .

Chinese Drones Make Key Breakthrough, Firing On ...
Popular Science-2016年6月8日
Chinese drones such as the CH-3 drone and CH-4 drone have become a key part of the proliferation of the technology, joining China's air force as well as

Watch Nigeria's First Confirmed Drone Strike -- Against Boko ...
Popular Science-2016年2月3日
Today, Nigeria announced a successful drone strike in its ongoing war ... Instead, for the strike it looks like the drone was a Chinese CH-3 drone
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