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AV500 Unmanned helicopter

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AV500 Unmanned helicopter is developed by CHRDI and produced by CAIC. AV-500 based on the experience gained from U8E Unmanned helicopter.

The official WeChat public account of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) recently revealed that its AV500 unmanned helicopter (as shown above) performed well in a recent military exercise of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).The results showed that the air-defense penetration combat capability of the AV500 lived up to expectations, successfully completing the air defense penetration exercise.
The AV500 unmanned helicopter is reportedly a mature, light unmanned helicopter with a wide range of quasi-military and civilian benefits.
Some analysts believe that the AV500's main performance is comparable to that of the famous US Fire Scout unmanned helicopter MQ-8.

Extensive uses

Air Force expert Fu Qianshao said that the development prospects for unmanned helicopters are much brighter with their wide range of uses. For example, the AV500 with a maximum takeoff weight of 500kg has a payload of 190kg, while current anti-tank missiles weigh dozens of kilograms each, so the AV500 is able to simultaneously carry out reconnaissance and assault tasks.

"Based on the general model, the AV500 can also be developed into a maritime version that meets the Navy’s shipboard demands. If the armored units of the Army are heavily equipped with such drones that can be released into the air at any time, the armored forces would be able to ‘see’ even farther and also be able to conduct joint operations with ground forces. Furthermore, the Air Force can equip its relevant rescue forces with such unmanned helicopters,” Fu added.

Fu believed that, starting with suitable usage of the AV500 unmanned helicopter at its present level, Chinese aviation industries can continue to develop unmanned helicopters of a thousand kilograms and even several kilograms.

Fu also believed that in the future, China can develop even larger unmanned transport helicopters. At the same time, after being verified, the technologies adopted on unmanned helicopters can also be applied to the field of manned helicopters.

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