80kg Thrust Turbojet Engine NM-80

Nm-80wp turbojet engine is a turbojet engine composed of a single stage centrifugal compressor and an axial flow turbine, which has strong anti-overload and distortion ability. It has three starting modes: motor driven rotation, air blowing and gunpowder impact. At present, it is used in large mobile target aircraft, and can be used in missile power after improvement.

Technical parameter for 80kg Thrust Turbojet Engine
Model NM-80WP 
Type: centrifugal compressor, axial turbine
Dimensions: φ230mm x 670mm  
Body weight: ≯ 13kg  
Maximum thrust: ≮80daN  
Fuel consumption rate: ≯1.6kg/(daN.h) 
Maximum use height: 9000m  
Maximum use speed: 0.8Ma  
Anti-overload: 6g  
Operating temperature: -40°C~55°C  
Working life: ≮20h  
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