40kW Heavy Fuel Piston Engine-DB410

The model can be customized

Main product features
Suitable for heavy fuel: diesel, RP- 3/RP-5 
Compression combustion,stable and reliable power output
Power attenuation <25% when 5000m, the limit altitude is 8000m
Low fuel consumption,long-endurance
TBOtime > 500h
Fuel:Diesel, Jetfuel(RP- 3/RP- 5);
Type:V2 ,Liquid-cooled ,4-stroke,High pressure common rail,TCI
Maximum continuous power/Speed:54hp/6000rpm
Minimum fuel consumption:270g/kW·h
Length x widthx height:485X654X210mm
Main uses:Apply to small and medium UAVs, powered parachutes, etc aerocraft and range extenders.
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