Heavy Fuel Engine Design and Manufacture


The system consists of heavy fuel pressure supply, assisted air pressure supply, pressure relief , fuel metering, fuel gas auxiliary atomization and related pipelines.

The heavy fuel pump "2" raises the heavy fuel pressure higher 150KPa to 250KPa than the  setting air pressure and then enters the Pressure Regulating Overflow Valve"13"; the Air pump"14" boosts the air compression to the setting air pressure (usually 400KPa to 600KPa) and input into the Pressure Regulating Overflow Valve"13"; under the action of the Pressure Regulating Overflow Valve "13", the back pressure added to the heavy fuel metering injection valve "3" will be a very precise pressure to ensure the precise fuel measurement process; the compressed air from the Pressure Regulating Overflow Valve "13" is input to the Air-assisted Metered injection Valve"4" along with the fuel at a certain timing together with the Air fuel mixture track "12" .

Under the effect of the LAVAL physical structure in the Air-assisted Metered injection Valve "4", the fuel is  accelerated to the super high-speed of 3 to 5 times sound velocity within the compressed air, and extremely high turbulent kinetic energy will be obtained. "The turbulent kinetic energy is released from the Air-assisted Metered injection Valve "4" , and the fuel will be atomized into very small particles (less than 6 microns) and injected into the combustion chamber "5" of the two-stroke engine. The high temperature effect of the arc in the spark plug "11" is small, and the tiny particles of fuel and the fuel enter the gas mixed with the compressed air in the port "6" ignites, and its rapid combustion forms an explosive flow, pushing the piston "7" to do work. When the piston "7" moves down to the exhaust port "9", the burned Exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust port "9", while the Air inlet pipe is opened to enter fresh air, the inertia effect of the engine crankshaft is small, the piston moves upward, and enters the second cycle to maintain the engine's non-stop work.

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