40kg Thrust Turbojet NM-40

The NM-40 turbojet engine is a single-shaft small jet engine with a centrifugal compressor and a centripetal turbine, with a maximum static thrust of 40kg. The engine adopts a mixed fuel system design, and the engine control unit (ECU) adopts a digital fuel adjustment design, which can monitor and protect the working state of the engine, and is easy and reliable to operate. The engine can provide power for small unmanned aerial vehicles and target drones, and is an ideal small aviation turbojet power.

This NM-40 turbojet engine has been widely used in target drones.

Technical indicators
Maximum diameter: 154mm
Length: 420mm
Total weight: 7kg
Maximum speed: 91000rpm
Maximum thrust: 40daN (standard atmosphere at sea level)
Pressure ratio: 3.75
Air flow: 0. 75kg/s
Fuel consumption rate: ≤1.45kg/daN.h
Generating power: 1000W
Exhaust temperature: 600 ℃
Operating temperature: -40℃~+50℃
Use ceiling: 8000 meters (altitude)
Service life: 20H

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