YLC-6 Highly Mobile Low Altitude Medium Range Surveillance Radar

YLC-6 radar is a mobile low-altitude surveillance radar developed by China. It is an S-band two-coordinate air target warning radar with good low-altitude detection performance, strong anti-ground clutter and weather clutter, and strong anti-passive and electronic interference capabilities. It is an ideal mobile low-altitude warning radar.

YLC-6 Radar Specifications
Coverage (¦Ò= 2m2, Pd=0.8, Pf=10-6)
Range: <150 km
Elevation: 0¡«40¡ã
Height: 10,000 m
  Set-up time: 8 min.
  Tear-down time: 6 min.
Other features
  Fully coherent solid state transmitter
  Low side-lobe antenna
  Dual-channel receiver (redundancy backup)
  Digital signal processor
  Automatic hydraulic leveling, automatic north alignment & GPS
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