Anti Drones

CETC YLC-18 High Mobility Medium Range Low Altitude 3D Radar


This is a two-vehicle convoy, high mobility, medium-range, low-altitude 3D radar announced by CETC in June 2007 at Singapore.

The reported system features are excellent low-altitude performance with high measurement accuracy, strong ECCM capability.

Operating frequency: EF-band
Coverage: (Pd = 80%, RCS = 2m2)
Range: ≥ 250km
Height: ≥ 12,000m
Elevation:     0º ~ 35º
Azimuth:     0º ~ 360º

Its detection range suggest instantaneous PRF of 600pps thus operational PRF of approx 400 is suspected.

Measurement accuracy: (rms)
Azimuth: ≤ 0.3º
Range: ≤ 100m
Height: ≤ 600m (within 200km)
Assembly/disassembly: 20mins/4 persons
MTBCF: ≥ 1,000 hrs
MTTR: ≤ 30 mins

In view of its 3D capability and potential to control aircraft and surface-to-air weapons, its likely frequency cover is shown, which is within the ITU regulated bands.


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