Tethered Drones

Vehicle Tethered Drone System

Vehicle-mounted drone system: the mobile platform is used to integrate the long-endurance tethered drone, which is equipped with modular mission loads such as photoelectric pod, communication station and reconnaissance radar, etc., to make up for the limitation of the ground reconnaissance/relay equipment which is easily blocked by the terrain, and effectively expand the distance of reconnaissance, surveillance and communication relay.
Main features
□ long endurance hang time , covering a wide range of
□ one-key retraction and release, autonomous following vehicle platform
□ fiber optic, gigabit network to improve information transmission and fault tolerance
□ a variety of transport platforms, vehicle-mounted, ship-borne, fixed duty.
□ reconnaissance and patrol, communications relay, electronic countermeasures, front view of positions.
Tethered drone: including four axis and eight paddles, six-rotor, duct type and other series, lift-off height of 100 ~ 300 meters, load capacity of 10 ~ 20 kg, continuous hang working time ≥12 hours, wind resistance grade ≥6

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