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LW-30 Laser Defense Weapon System

LW-30 laser weapon system is mainly used for air defense or field air defense, with hard killing capability against typical targets such as uAVs, as well as soft and hard killing capability against photoelectric detection and guidance equipment.

LW30 laser weapon is the latest laser defense system of laser fighting vehicle developed in China. It can lock the target 25 kilometers away in 6 seconds, and then launch laser beam to destroy it. It can strike the targets such as photoelectric guidance equipment, UAV, aircraft model and RAM. The LW30 is a promising low-altitude air defense weapon, and experts say it will be able to intercept cruise missiles and other targets on the battlefield, to some extent determining the future of the battlefield.

★ Single operation can also be multi-vehicle network operation
★ High precision, fast response, low cost, strong continuous operation

LW-30 laser weapon system output power: 30KW
LW-30 Laser Weapon System

LW-30 Laser Weapon System

LW-30 Laser Weapon System
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