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UAV Measurement and Control Command Vehicle WFT-68

Functional characteristics
WFT-68 command, measurement and control vehicle system provides transportation, measurement and control, command and other work as UAV system, and provides integrated working conditions for staff. It is mainly used for UAV measurement and control, command, data acquisition, processing and analysis in a series of processes such as UAV route planning, task binding, flight state monitoring, etc.

The system is simple and practical. As the ground processing system of UAV platform, it has strong stability and fast operation speed, high degree of "modularization, integration and lightweight" and strong practicability.

Fast take-off and convenient recovery. The built-in slide rail in the shelter system ensures the rapid deployment and withdrawal of UAV hoisting. The system consists of 2-4 operators to perform search and monitoring tasks.

Fine structure and convenient use The task equipment / power supply / data transmission / connector is designed in an integrated way. The fault-tolerant design is adopted for component plugging, the operation identification is clear, and the assembly is fast, plug and play.

Easy maintenance and fast training. The vulnerable and consumable parts of the system can be replaced on site, which is convenient and fast, and fully meets the needs of field maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Maximum expansion size: 9.96 * 4.71 * 3.95 M
Maximum speed: 100km / h
Number of jobs: 6
Measurement and control radius: 50km
Power supply mode: Mains / oil engine
Wind resistance grade: stable wind speed 20m/
MTBF: not less than 10000h (according to the predicted result of reliability)
MTTR: less than 30min
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