Chinese SLC-2E Weapon Locating Radar (RA-3)

SLC-2E long-range multifunctional weapon positioning rada r(RA-3 arty locating radar) can not only be used for ground weapon positioning, but also can detect air targets. The SLC-2E radar is suitable for combat in a variety of battlefield environments, such as all-weather operations in deserts, mountains, and plains. Its high reliability, excellent performance, high maneuverability, ease of operation, and battlefield survivability can meet the needs of modern operations.

The SLC-2 Radar is a Chinese active electronically scanned array counter-battery radar designed to locate hostile artillery, rocket and ground-to-ground missile launchers immediately after firing, and to support friendly artillery by guiding counter-battery fire. SLC-2 radar can also be applied in adjusting firing of friendly weapons or rockets. With slight modification to software parameters the radar can also be used to detect and track low flying targets such as light aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. SLC-2 radar systems have sometimes been mounted on a Dongfeng EQ2102 3.5 ton truck.
Myanmar Army currently operating as many as 27 SLC-2 radar for artillery force.Bangladesh Bought two in 2012. Pakistan also operates significant number of SLC-2 Radar.
China has exported more than 100 sets of SLC-2 radar.

S - band
Detection range: (for 80% detection probability against 81-mm mortar rounds sized target)
  For artillery—35 km
  For rockets—50 km
Accuracy: 0.35% of range (for range more than 10 km)
  35 m (for range less than 10 km)
Peak power: 45 kW
Noise: 3 dB
Clutter improvement factor: 55 dB
Other features:
  Active phased array antenna with electronic scanning both in azimuth and elevation
  Sophisticated computer-controlled digital signal processing
  Comprehensive online or offline BITE
  Automatic/manual height correction with digital/video map
  Various effective ECCM
  Tracking while scanning
Myanmar artillery test SLC-2 photos
Myanmar artillery test SLC-2 radar photos

The SLC-2 radar equipped by the Bangladesh Army

The SLC-2 radar equipped by the Bangladesh Army

SLC-2 radar equipped in Pakistan

SLC-2 radar equipped in Pakistan
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