S-band Single Polarization Doppler Weather Radar BM-200

System Overview:

BM-200 single polarization fully coherent Doppler weather radar. It uses Doppler radar technology to obtain data such as distance, azimuth, reflectivity, and target speed, controls the radar work through software, and processes the obtained basic weather data to generate meteorological products. The BM-200 radar can realize the monitoring and forecasting of conventional and severe weather phenomena.
System composition:

BM-200 single polarization pulse Doppler weather radar consists of antenna and servo system, transmitting system, receiving system, monitoring system, signal processing system, product generation and display system, power distribution system and accessories.


  The system has automatic, safe, continuous, stable and reliable, and unattended operation capabilities. Each subsystem and module is produced, debugged and inspected in strict accordance with technical specifications. All modules that have nothing to do with frequency between systems are interchangeable. 

  The high-reliability radome against super typhoon is selected, which has been verified by hundreds of systems at home and abroad for many years. 

Antenna drives use maintenance-free and long-life AC motors (domestic weather radar antennas usually use brushed DC motors that require maintenance twice a year and have low reliability). 

  When collecting data, the antenna speed control system uses automatic tracking and adjustment technology, which effectively ensures the spatial positioning accuracy of the detection data. 

   The klystron is selected from CPI company with a working time of more than 80,000 hours, a working frequency that can be selected by the user within 2700MHz to 3000MHz, and a peak power of 800KW. This not only improves the radar detection capability, data quality, radar applicability, stability and reliability, but also brings great benefits to maintenance and spare parts purchase and storage. 

  The absorbing active PIN tube receiver protector with long life, low noise, high isolation and fast response is selected, which effectively avoids the influence of the protector on the transmitted pulse and ensures the actual coherence performance of the system. 

   The high-precision and large-range imported radio frequency numerical control attenuator is used to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the online calibration branch. 

  It has the functions of real-time online automatic calibration, safety self-protection and multiple fault monitoring points, which effectively guarantees the objectivity and accuracy of the detection data and the safety of the equipment. 

  It has the network function of sharing observation data and products with multiple weather radars in real time, and has been successfully used in the Beijing Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the 11th National Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. 

  The system reserves the space, machinery and installation interface required for dual-linear polarization upgrades, without replacing or discarding any components, and only needs to add relevant components to complete the upgrade of dual-linear polarization at the radar station.

Main Specifications:
category project technical indicators Remark
Performance working frequency 2700-3000MHz  
Antenna diameter 8.54m  
Radome diameter 11.9m  
Operating mode A precipitation, bad weather  
B clear sky
Coverage / Precision / Accuracy Reflectivity Unambiguous range 1 - 460Km  
  Quantitative Valuation Range 2 - 230Km Storage length 1Km
  precision 1dB When S /N≥10dB
  Accuracy 1dB  
Average diameter Unambiguous speed range 50m/s When the spectral width is 4m/s and
to speed precision 1.0m/s When S/N 8dB
  Accuracy 0.5m/s  
Spectral width precision 1.0m/s When the spectral width is 4m/s and
  Accuracy 0.5m/s When S/N > 10dB
airspace high 21Km  
  radius 460Km  
distance accuracy 50m    
sampling interval angle 1    
distance 1Km ( 1 - 230Km ) Reflectivity
  2Km ( 230 - 460Km ) Reflectivity
  250m ( 1 - 230Km ) Speed, Spectral Width
detection capability -7.5dB Ze When S/N=0dB, the target is at 50Km
System Phase Noise ≤0.150  
System dynamic range ≥85dB reflectivity, speed
reliability MTBF
( mean time between failures )
RDA 607 hours  
RPG 1000 hours  
PUPs 2000 hours  
complete machine 315 hours  
maintainability MTTR
( average repair time )
0.5 hours  
( max downtime )
RDA 2 hours  
RPG 1 hour  
PUPs 1 hour  
communication 1 hour  
availability A (i) ( inherent availability ) 0.989  
A (a) ( reachable availability ) 0.986  
environmental conditions temperature / humidity Work Not working
indoor part 10 °C - 35 °C / 20% - 80% -35 60 / 15% 100 %
outdoor part -40 ℃- 49 / 15% 100% -50 ℃- 60 / 15% 100%
high Altitude 3300m
wind Antenna pointing accuracy ±1/3 °rms Under steady wind 25m/s
± 1 °rms Under steady wind 50m/s
80m/s Radome undamaged
When working , the maximum instantaneous precipitation is 300mm/h and the wind speed is 18m/s
1 -hour average precipitation when not working 130mm/h wind speed 33m/s without damage
12 -hour average precipitation when not working 30mm/h wind speed 26m/s without damage
24 -hour average precipitation when not working 18mm/h wind speed 21m/s without damage
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