Propeller Wind Tunnel

The air propeller is a tool that converts the power of the aero engine into the propulsion of the aircraft. The development of the propeller has experienced a process from rise to decline and rise again. Calculation of propeller performance and wind tunnel experiments are the basis for propeller design and application.

The propeller wind tunnel is a wind tunnel test for the characteristics of the propeller. Usually, both the aerodynamic characteristics and the noise characteristics of the propeller are measured in a relatively small low-speed wind tunnel with a scale model. In order to make the scale model experiment relevant to the real situation, that is, to be able to predict the real transmit power, spectral characteristics, directivity, or the maximum sound pressure level at a given point, certain similarity criteria must be satisfied in the experiment.

Propeller wind tunnel design and development
Propeller wind tunnel facility
Propeller wind tunnel experiment and test
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