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Icing Wind Tunnel

The icing wind tunnel is a large-scale special wind tunnel with complex performance. It is used to study the icing form, icing tolerance and other characteristics of the windward surface of different components and the external sensing part of the detection instrument when the aircraft is flying under icing meteorological conditions. Ground test equipment for anti-icing technology.

Practice has shown that aircraft icing is one of the fatal weaknesses of aircraft flight safety, accounting for more than 60% of the world's military and civil aircraft crashes.

In the aircraft design stage, through the icing wind tunnel test, the necessary data for the design of anti-icing (de-icing) can be obtained. The amount of icing and the icing rate can be determined to determine the icing tolerance and the surface that must be protected from ice, provide the basis for safe design of aircraft anti-icing (de-icing), and determine the scheme form and minimum required power of the anti-icing (de-icing) system. After the design and development of the aircraft anti-icing (de-icing) system is completed, the verification test can be carried out in the icing wind tunnel, that is, the anti-icing (de-icing) function of the system can be checked in the icing state, the correctness and rationality of the design can be judged, and the aircraft icing can be checked. Ice detection instrument for verification test.

The icing wind tunnel can also conduct experimental research on aircraft icing mechanism and simulation methods or scaling laws, providing a basis for determining scaling simulation criteria and developing numerical calculation methods; conducting new concepts of aircraft anti-icing and new anti-icing (de-icing) Technical research can greatly promote the development of aircraft anti-icing technology.

The most important content of the icing wind tunnel test is to determine the critical ice type and the range of the icing area required for the anti-icing design of the aircraft. In the dynamic test, it is also necessary to determine whether the surface needs anti-icing (de-icing) according to the influence of icing on the performance of the aircraft; for the determined anti-icing area, the effectiveness of anti-icing and de-icing should be grasped according to the icing conditions. Therefore, it is very beneficial to carry out in-depth research on new concepts and new technologies.
In a word, the icing wind tunnel is to ensure the flight safety of aircraft under icing weather conditions, to expand the capability of modern military aircraft to perform tasks under severe weather conditions, and to ensure that civil or general-purpose aircraft complete the icing airworthiness certification and become airworthy. The basic test device that provides evidence-based documents is an essential and important ground test equipment for the development of new aircraft, especially for the development of large transport aircraft.

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