Multi Fuel Engine 5.8KW(8hp) QX-8

Multi fuel enginee 85cc two-stroke ignition type direct injection diesel engine is a single-cylinder diesel engine developed based on the application of AADI technology. It has the characteristics of high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, low fuel consumption, low emission and long life. The engine is widely used in fixed-wing UAV power, rotary-wing UAV extended-range power and portable mobile power power.

Basic performance parameters
Engine form: two-stroke single-cylinder
Cooling method: air cooling
Displacement: 85cc
Actual compression ratio: 8.0:1
Speed ​​range: 2000rpm ~ 7500rpm
Maximum power: 5.8KW (8hp) / 7500rpm
Minimum fuel consumption rate: ≤300g/KW.h
Fuel: vehicle diesel, jet fuel, gasoline
Oil supply method: low pressure air-assisted direct injection in the atomizing cylinder
Weight of the whole machine: 3.5kg (including ECU, wiring harness, etc.)
Power to weight ratio: 1.66KW/kg
Ignition method: electronic ignition
Lubrication method: electronically controlled oil pump, consumption-type distributed independent lubrication
Lubricating oil consumption: maximum load 70g/h cruising condition>45g/h
Engine start altitude: <5000m
ceiling: 7000m
First overturn period TBO: 300h
Total engine life: 500h
Working temperature: -30℃~+60℃
Start mode: external handheld start (start time≤10s)

5.8KW(8hp)  Multi-fuel Engine Basic Assembly Dimensions

Multi Fuel Engine QX-8 Basic Assembly Dimensions
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