Drones Data Links

Military Drone Swarm Data link

Technical background Swarm - link is an unmanned aircraft, unmanned systems group of a wireless communication system, is a kind of narrow-band short delays in communication network, has the characteristics of no center and support dynamic topology, has been successfully used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) "synergy and tt&c communication", which can realize unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) cooperative communication between internal nodes Swarm.
Military Drone Swarm Data link
Application scenarios
UAV swarm networking communication;
Unmanned boat formation;
Robot formation;
There are man-machine and UAV mixed formation;
Directional airdrop;
Military Drone Swarm Data link

Product features
The Drone Swarm Data link has the following unique characteristics:
Frequency hopping spread: frequency hopping (FHSS) technology, with good anti-jamming ability and security ability;
Single-frequency networking: no need for cross-frequency point bridging, so that beehive survival is stronger
Large network capacity: the maximum number of node points in the network can reach more than 300;
Single hop reachable: single hop reachable between any two nodes in the network, data does not need to forward;
Short transmission delay: millisecond level very short delay; Within 10 milliseconds;
No center: strong survivability, any node damage will not affect the normal work of the network;
Time control: no need for external clock, no need for Beidou timing
Relay support: any node in the network can become a relay node, relay node has the local communication function of ordinary nodes at the same time;
Military Drone Swarm Data link

Practical cases
A military Buzzer Swarm UAV project of the Air Force has been tested for several rounds, ranking in the first echelon.
Space Research Institute, a large - scale airdelet network communication project, has been delivered to use.
A collaborative project of unmanned helicopter networking by a research institute of AVIC has been put into use.

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