JYL-1A Long Range 3D Air Surveillance Radar

The JYL-1A radar is a new generation of S-band multi-functional multi-mission radar developed by China. It is a "four-in-one" radar integrating air defense early warning, ballistic missile detection and tracking, gun position reconnaissance, and air traffic control.

The JYL-1A radar system is capable of providing the effective detection and tracking of targets in the complicated electromagnetic and severe clutter environments, primarily serving as a backbone sensor in a national air defense network, in which, it is to perform.
·Air surveillance within the area of responsibility
Accurate target detection and location, quickly acquire target 3D information
Automatic target tracking
Continuous reports of target plots/track data.

Large coverage volume
All weather operation
Multiple modes of operation
Multi-radar data fusion
·Large target processing capacity
High elevation-measuring accuracy
Excellent ECCM performance
High automation
High reliability

Specifications Operation of JYL-1 radar
frequency: S band
Detection coverage
    lnstrumental range: 450Km
    Height: 30,000 m
    Elevation: 0°~30°
    Azimuth: 0°~360°
Measurement accuracy (r.m.s)
    Range: 100 m
    Azimuth: 0.3°
    Height: 600 m (within 200km)
    Range: 200m
    Azimuth: 1.5°
Reliability and maintainability
    MTBCF: 1000 hours
    MTTR: 0.5 hour
Mobility and transportation
    Deployment: 30 mins by 6 persons
    Withdrawal: 20 mins by 6 persons
    Transport units: 3

Equipment Composition
- Unit I: Antenna assembly
- Unit ll: Operations shelter
- Unit Ill: Power station
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