Multirotor Drones

Golden Eagle 150B UAV

The golden Eagle 150B UAV is small and inexpensive, can conduct drone swarm warfare, can drop a large number of small bombs, has no small appeal to third world countries with low air defense capabilities.

The Golden Eagle 150B UAV "Swarm" system is unveiled for the first time and can carry multiple types of mission payloads, equivalent to a small synthetic army in the air. Golden eagle 150B focuses more on the utility, not only on a reconnaissance and combat mission, logistical support this, such as carrying ammunition supplies to troops on the ground, etc.) also have to take hold in place, so the single size bigger, each "swarm" uavs can carry dozens of kilograms of supplies, take-off and landing is not restricted by terrain, can according to the arrangement of demand quantity, also can be hundreds of aircraft can be more than a dozen, And fly by command formation. Of course, the firepower of the Golden Eagle 150B is impressive. Eight small bombs are enough to cause damage to less protected targets.
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