Multirotor Drones

Drone with Bombs ( Low Cost )

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 Project       Specific parameters
 Diagonal Wheelbase (mm): 2300mm
 Size (mm):  Folded:1050*1080*1350mm
Operation Power (v): 100v
lts weight (KG): 60KG
Loading (KG): 60KG
Max.Takeoff Weight (KG): 120KG
Flight Speed (Meter /Min): 1~10 Meter/Seconds
Dynamic System: F28 power Kit (40 inch blade)
Engine displacement: 340CC
Engine power: 16KW
Fuel: Gasoline blend (1:40)
Flight Time: 200 min (20L fuel tank, which can be equipped according to actual needs to meet the requirements of single flight time.
Packing Box: Outer diameter of packing: case: 125*125*155CM

Standard configuration function
1. Android ground station, easy to use / PC ground station, full voice broadcast
2. Router Setting support, Fully Auto Flight operation
3. One Button take-off and landing, More safety and time saving.
4. Auto Return when finish gasoline and low Battery.
5. Battery Detection, Low Battery return and Record point setting available.
6. Obstacle avoidance Function, Surrounding Obstacles detection.
7. Heigh Control Radar, Stable Altitude setting, Supporting imitative Earth function.
8. Flying Layout setting available
9. Vibration Protection, Lost Contect protective.
10. Motor Sequance Detection and Direction detection Function.
11. Cam Recorder, Real-time transmission available.
12. Dual Pump Mode
13. Ascent or Descent according to Terrain lmitative Earth.

Payloads: Howitzers, bombs, shells, grenades, guns
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