C-band Dual Polarization Fully Coherent Weather Radar BM-110

1 C-band Dual Polarization Fully Coherent Weather Radar BM-110

System Overview

BM-110 full coherent Doppler weather radar technology has perfect radar online calibration and calibration functions and built-in testing and monitoring functions, which can realize remote control and 24-hour unattended, continuous and uninterrupted operation, and ensure accurate and reliable detection data. The BM-110 radar is mainly used for monitoring/tracking/warning of severe thunderstorms, hail, downbursts, clear-air windshear and other small and medium-scale weather systems, and fully considers the needs of aviation meteorological support.
System composition

BM-110 full coherent Doppler weather radar consists of antenna and servo system, transmitting system, receiving system, monitoring system, signal processing system, product generation and display system, power distribution system and accessories.


  Imported klystrons and all-solid-state modulator transmitters with a working time of more than 70,000 hours and a frequency bandwidth of 50MHz are used.

  The servo system adopts a 14-bit photoelectric code disc design with high integration, high control precision and good stability, which greatly improves the precision and stability of the antenna servo system.

  Antenna drives use maintenance-free, long-life AC motors.

  It has the functions of real-time online automatic calibration, safety self-protection and multiple fault monitoring points, which effectively guarantees the objectivity and accuracy of the detection data and the safety of the equipment.

  Excellent distance resolution and accuracy.

  The internal calibration system is used to complete real-time calibration and compensation of reflectivity, speed and spectral width at different distances and different intensities.

  Radar control software, communication software, product generation software, and product application software are stable and reliable, with a friendly interface and easy to use.

   It has the function of monitoring the whole network and the performance of configuring multiple application platforms at the same time. It can be applied in the airport meteorological center, airport console, regional center monitoring room, etc., and independent application and monitoring platforms are set up in the monitoring places at the same time.

  It has the network function of sharing observation data and products with the weather radar of the Meteorological Bureau in real time.

  The system reserves the space, machinery, and installation interface required for dual-linear polarization upgrades, without replacing or scrapping any components, and can complete the upgrade of dual-linear polarizations in a relatively short period of time.
project technical indicators
working frequency 5300-5725MHz
Radome diameter 7.2m
Wind resistance 80m/s
Antenna reflector diameter 4.5m
beam width £ 1 °
Heavy precipitation monitoring and identification range ³ 400km
Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Range ³ 200km
Speed monitoring distance ³ 200km
Clear sky detection capability
low elevation scan
VAD observation
3 ~ 4km vertical profile
Azimuth scanning range 0 ~ 360 °
Elevation scanning range - 2 °~ +90 °
distance resolution
£ 150m (200km range )
altimetry resolution
21km range Resolution 100m
300m(100 ~ 200km)
strength scope
- 10 ~ +70dBz
speed scope
with double PRF
± 36m/s
Spectral width scope
Ground Clutter Suppression ³ 45.6dB
System Phase Noise £ 0.3 °
System dynamic range ³ 85dB
Machine MTBF ³ 300hr
MTTR £ 0.5hr
availability 0.986
power supply 3- phase 5- wire system 380V ,
± 10 % voltage, ± 3 % frequency
environment  outdoor
Indoor (computer room)
Temperature : -40 °~+ 49 ° C , Humidity: 15 % ~ 100 %
Temperature: 10 °~+ 35 ° C , Humidity: 20 % ~ 80%
highest altitude 3000m

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