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TeleV50 UAV Data Link

Teled50 UAV data link is usually used as the data transmission channel of UAV remote control and telemetry. It can realize the functions of self frequency hopping, configurable transmission rate, pairing, encryption and so on. It has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, long transmission distance, low power consumption, wide working temperature range and so on. At the same time, 400MHz and 900MHz products can be provided according to customer needs, and the airborne antenna can be customized according to customer UAV.

Technical indicators
Maximum operating distance: 50km
Operating frequency: 840.5mhz ~ 845mhz
User data rate: ≥ 115.2kbps (remote control and telemetry data)
Airborne data interface: RS-232 × 2,RS-422 × one
Ground data interface: RS-422 × 1. Ethernet × one
Antenna form: ground omnidirectional, airborne omnidirectional
Operating temperature: - 40 ° ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Power supply for airborne equipment: dc9 ~ 36V, s6w
Weight of airborne equipment: data terminal 200g
Size of airborne equipment: 107mm × 103mm × 21mm
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