DY-HW150 Series Infrared Seeker

DY-KJlSO series visible image seeker system is composed of detection system, servo system, image processing system and related software and structural parts. Multiple target templates can be preset. The frame gyro stabilization platform and embedded image processing system are used to realize the target search, acquisition and tracking, provide the missile flight control system with the offset information of target pitch and yaw, and realize the automatic guidance of the missile until the target is declared. It has the characteristics of stable operation and high tracking accuracy.
Infrared Seeker

Main indicators:DY-KJ150A
Overall dimension: 146 × 281mm
Weight: < 3000g
Action distance: for typical targets (vehicles) ≥ 2.5km
Frame angle range: pitch: ± 15 °, yaw: ± 15 °
Wavelength range: 400nm ~ 850nm
Maximum angular velocity of frame: > 40 ° / S
Overload: axial overload: 50g; transverse overload: 30g
Working voltage: 28V
Output mode: RS-422
Operating temperature: - 40 ~ + 55 °
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